Reception and Registration

Where: Hohe Salve Tourist Board, Innsbruckerstraße 1, A-6300 Wörgl
When: Friday, 25th of June 2021 & Saturday, 26th of June 2021 from 7:00 am

Parking your MINIs in the locked station road in the park bays

  • Welcome and reception with a glass of sparkling wine or alternative drink
  • Registration of AUSTRIAN MINI WEEKEND participants at the Tourist Board, Innsbruckerstraße 1, A-6300 Wörgl
  • Issuing of participation documents and program information and Road Book

MINI Street Meeting

Where: Wörgl Bahnhofstrasse – in the parking bays
When: Saturday 26th June 2021 – from 8:00 am – in the parking slots!

From 8:00 am you have the possibility to park your MINIs in the parking slots in the Wörgler Bahnhofstraße, there you can show you and your MINI. In the meantime, you can go to the tourist information office Hohe Salve for registration and to pick up the program and your roadbook. From 8:00 am  you can discuss with others and have a look at the MINIs in the Bahnhofstraße. At 8.30 am we will start our convoy from the Bahnhofstrasse and will break up to our sixth High Alpine MINI Tour.

Sixth High - Apline MINI Tour

Silvretta High Alpine Road - Montafon - Arlberg Tour

Where: Wörgl Bahnhofstrasse
Saturday 26th June 2021 – from 8.00 am
Departure: 8.30 am

2 - Countries - Trip: North Tyrol, Vorarlberg

Heights and Passes:

  • Toll Gate Galtür (1.051 m)
  • Bielerhöhe Pass (2.032 m)
  • Partenen Pass (1.051 m)
  • Arlberg Pass (1.739 m)
Meeting and Posing The MINI`s in the Wörgler Bahnhofstrasse in the parking lots
When: Saturday 26th June 2021 – from 8:00 am
Where: Wörgl Bahnhofstrasse
Departure: 8:30 am
    • 10 day vignette for Austria: € 9,50
    • (please stick the vignette in the upper left corner of the windscreen, must be clearly visible!)
    • Drinks and/or meals in the Biergarten Wörgl for the meeting - Friday, 25th of June 2021, 7:00 pm
    • Silvretta High Alpine Road toll: €16,50 per PKW; Length: 22,3 km; Number of narrow curves: 34; Gradient: 14% 
    • Small morning coffee break - Trofana Tyrol near Imst
    • Various parking fees
    • Lunch at Silvretta Lake reservoir – Bieler Height


7.00 am: 

Registration & collection of documents in the Tourist Information office Ferienregion Hohe Salve, Wörgl

8.00 til 8.30 am:  Setting up our MINIs at Wörgler Bahnhofstraße
8.30 am: Starting a convoy in the Wörgler Bahnhofsstraße
8.30 am: 

Departure from Bahnhofstrasse via Angatherweg, turn right into Rupert Hagleitner Strasse and left onto the B 171 Tiroler Strasse

Continue onto the A12 Inntal motorway towards Innsbruck

A12 Inntal motorway to Innsbruck Mitte

Follow the A12 signage Bregenz


10.00 am: 

At Mils/Schönwies we leave the motorway at Trofana Tyrol

Coffee and toilet break at Trofana Tyrol

10.30 am: 

Continue on the A12 Inntal motorway until Landeck West

Exit Landeck West onto B171 towards Grins/Pians/Tobadill

Turn left onto the B188 Silvretta Road

Continue on the B188 via Ischgl to Galtür

Continue on the B188 to Bieler Höhe

12.30 am:

Arrival at Bieler Höhe and small foto stop there

Continue on B188 to Silvretta Reservoir 

Lunch at Silvretta Reservoir – Restaurant Silvretta

2.00 pm:

Departure Silvretta Reservoir 

Continue on B188 

We go over Partenen, Gaschurns, Schruns (Montafon) – heading to Bürs

In Bürs we go onto the B190

Then take the B197 towards Bludenz/Klösterle am Arlberg/Langen am Arlberg

Stay on the B197 and continue on the Arlbergpass via Dalaas, Stuben am Arlberg, 

St. Christoph am Arlberg

3.30 pm:

Arrival St. Christoph am Arlberg

Photo stop & coffee break

4.30 pm:

Departure St. Christoph am Arlberg 

Continue on the B197 to St. Jakob am Arlberg and transit St. Anton am Arlberg

Stay onto B197 

At St. Anton am Arlberg we head on the S16

Then we take the B171 – Tiroler Straße

Stay on the B171 until we head on the Highway driveway onto A12

On the Inntal motorway A12 we head towards Bregenz/Innsbruck/Landeck

Follow the signs

5.15 pm:

Continue on A12 Direction Bregenz/Innsbruck/Landeck

Continue on A12 via Innsbruck direction Wörgl

6.45 pm:

Arrival in Wörgl

Exit Wörgl West or Wörgl East


Come together and meet cool & trendy MINI lovers at the MINI MEETING and those who want to become one!

MINI Style Event

MINI GOES BIERGARTEN At BIERGARTEN WÖRGL, Madersbacherweg 34, Friday, 25th June 2021 – from 7:00 pm